L’Encrier, a restaurant of French traditional cooking in Paris.

The restaurant is closed

L’Encrier, a typical small Paris restaurant, soil cooking

Rediscover the taste of our French regions, tasting our soil flavours. France is a country of traditions and l’Encrier restaurant, thanks to its culinary specialties from all over France will enable you to enjoy genuine traditional cooking.

Likeable cooking in accordance with French culinary traditions.

Cooking is really part of our patrimony and we want to share with you quality, tradition, taste and genuineness coming from our French gastronomy. Everyday, we prepare classical and traditional dishes with fresh products selected by our team.

Today, French cooking is renowned from all over the world thanks to those who have been able to pass on the art of traditional and refined, multi-cultural cooking with genuine tastes. So, nothing surprising if France and Paris are among the most famous in the culinary art and the world of gastronomy.

That is why l’Encrier offers this French soil cooking, genuine, high-quality and prepared on the spot with marketplace products.

The restaurant motto

Our restaurant has a motto: even if a cook’s talent can be measured by the tasty characteristic of his dishes or the creativity of his recipes, it is also true to say that it is chiefly because he will choose his food with great care. As a matter of fact it is also thanks to the choice and the quality of the ingredients he will use to prepare his meals that he will be able to make the difference.

A genuine and friendly setting

You will not be disappointed by the decor: exposed beams and a view on our open kitchen, allowing you to see your meals prepared with loving care by our team of involved persons. Appreciated by the people living in the district, the Parisians and suburbans as well as regular customers and quite many foreign tourists, our restaurant decor and cooking will satisfy the most delicate people. Whether you are a Capital visitor or a bashful gourmet lover of Paris and its gastronomy, you should undoubtedly pay a visit to the traditional restaurant l’Encrier.

Do not hesitate! If you like spending a pleasant time in a cheerful place in Paris, no doubt, l’Encrier is the right place.

The history of our Paris restaurant

L’Encrier was created in 1994 under the form of a cooperative society in a genuine setting, typical of the old Paris: brick walls, freestones, exposed beams together with a kitchen opening on the dining room, which allows to appreciate the whole team at work, preparing your dishes.

Wish to spend a pleasant time at a pleasant table in Paris?

L’Encrier is a traditional Paris restaurant in the 12th district located near the “Gare de Lyon” (railway station) and the Bastille square. Situated in a small street, appreciated for its peace and its typically Paris district style. L’Encrier has been able to maintain quality and authenticity over more than 20 years. Let you be tempted by our restaurant with a long-ago charm. We are waiting for you to welcome you in our best way.